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Rules for Card Games

Sometimes when you play cards with friends, we bet you sometimes have genuine disagreements about what the rules are for the card game you’re playing. Wouldn’t you like to know where you can look the only definitive set of rules for the game of cards you’re playing with friends?

Well there are lots of sites with the single set of rules...not really!

But here’s a list you can start with:

History of
(weird) CARDS with FRIENDS™

One weekend in 2002, one family invited three other families to go camping. As it turns out, it was a very rainy weekend so the 4 guys did what any 4 guys do when confronted with the opportunity to rough it outdoors in the rain, they huddled in a camper and played cards.

One of the guys had been taught not that long before how to play Double Pinnochle and he remembered how to play (mostly) and taught the other three (mostly) recalling what he could and making up the rest.

And for now 18 years since, the guys have been getting together as their busy schedules allowed to play Double Pinnochle.

But in 2020, along came Covid-19 and face-to-face card playing was going to happen for who knew how long. We searched for any online game platform that would allow us to keep playing. Although there were several that knew about Double Pinnochle, they were just different enough from "our" game that we needed to customize our own solution.

And that’s how (weird) Cards with Friends™ was born.

Games Available in
(weird) CARDS with FRIENDS™

Here is the extensive list of games available:

  • Double Pinnochle or, as we affectionately call it, "db Pinnochle". The "db" is Danny Burk’s initials since the group fondly blames Danny for the creation of rules on-the-fly.

Stay tuned as we rollout more...maybe!

Finding Out More About
(weird) CARDS with FRIENDS™

If you want to find out more about our (weird) card games and you want to participate in the development of a game that isn’t otherwise available online, you can click here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.